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    Summer 2017

Backstage summer experience

During the first week of July 2017, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate at a Theatre show held by the Chantilly High School Theatre Summer Camp. The show was "The Kid who Talked to Penguins"; unfortunately I could not participate at auditions since they began a week before I came in the US, but instead I joined the Backstage crew and Tech team. It was a wonderful experience, and my first as a member of the Backstage crew! I learned how to build a set, use new utensils and materials, and coordinate movements behind the scenes helping actors perform at their best comfort; now I know the backstage drill!
On the top-left you can see a picture of the set I built with the help of other backstage crew members!

One night at RFK Stadium

A few weeks after the Backstage experience, my brother and I were invited by my friend Ricardo and his cousin to go watch a soccer game in DC at the RFK Stadium!! We got special tickets that gave us access to the VIP section where unlimited food and drinks (basically dinner) were provided! The game was DC United vs. Houston FC (MLS League, the American Soccer League, Major League Soccer) and we had the opportunity to see the game from up close! I could see the players from a 5-10 feet range! Unfortunately the game finished 1-3 for Houston, but it was a wonderful night! Last but not least, someone was giving free hot dogs at the end of the game since the VIP buffet had left-overs...Ricardo took them all!!
Here are some pictures. Left: My brother and I at the stadium. Right: My brother and My friend Ricardo enjoying the nice game atmosphere at the Stadium.

Getting my Driver's Licence

This summer I finally finished my 45 hours of driving practice required to get my Driver's license! In Virginia, 45 hours of practice, after completing a Behind The Wheel course and a Drivers Ed class, are the most appealing to teen drivers. I finally finished them with my grandfather! He has done all of them with me and I am really grateful for his patience and his trust in me being a good and responsible driver!

Placement tests

Before signing up to my new school, I had to take a few 'so called' Placement tests, to evaluate my abilities in English and Mathematics. I took three Math tests (Algebra 1, 2, and Geometry) and two English tests(years 9, 10). Piece of cake. I passed the tests easily and got credit for many things I've done in Italy! After the tests, Fairfax County evaluated my work in the past years and gave me 28 corresponding credits for my past classes I took in Italy, and I became eligible to graduate with an Advanced Diploma at any Fairfax County Public School!

C++ and Python with Nonno Romeo

How did I keep myself entertained this summer? Computer Programming! My Granfather Romeo and I practiced out C++ skills and learned the basics of the Python coding language. We made nice programs and Nonno gave me a wonderful crash course book to learn more about Python and practice my skills!

Signing up at Chantilly HS

After the Placement tests, the last step was to finally sign up to Chantilly High School. I had to meet up with a Counselor and the Principal at Chantilly, who gave us specific information on the sign-up procedure. All of the courses I had to choose were requirements for my Senior year (Click here to learn about my course decision!). I got to know my counselor, meet the School Principal, and take a tour around the school in order to get used to the environment. It was a long process, but I was really excited to finally sign-up to an American School for the first time!

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